Download the Food Network Roku App To Watch your Favorite Food Shows

1. Cutting the Cord for Food Network

Cord cutting is a financial boon when your daily dosage of entertainment is right at your fingertips and yet doesn’t cost you much. Imagine, you can enjoy all your preferred channels without any cable or satellite contracts. Watch anything on the network without the cable especially with the Food Network Roku App. Get live streams whenever you wish. Since the channel is extremely popular, it is available on every staple app on your Roku player. Now, you can watch the Food Network even if you don’t have a cable connection.

Food Network Roku App

Food Network Roku App

2. The Skinny Bundles

There are a bunch of skinny bundles that you can subscribe to that are designed to suit your taste and more widely compete with traditional television providers who throw choices that you don’t even like. Choose what you want from these bundles, which will cost you way less than the standard cable and also comes without any contracts. Infrastructure concerns are eliminated and so are regional monopolies. That is why streaming services are able to offer you a better service than satellite services.

3. DirecTV Now

Add DirecTV Now with the Food Network Roku App. The channel features a pricing strategy that is very quintessential of any offerings within the skinny bundle market. While smaller bundles add only a few key apps and even accept add-ons for a few extra bucks, the larger counterparts offer all channels in their bundles. For the Food Network on DirecTV Now, go for the $35 per month package also known as ‘Live a Little’ that should help you savor all the culinary treats. There is a free trial offering from the channel too.

4. Hulu With Live TV

Hulu has retained its legacy of originals and on-demand video streaming in the SVOD space for a while now. It is one of the most popular apps right after Netflix and Amazon. With its foray into the Live TV market, the service at just $39.99 per month has a whopping 55 channels to offer. There is only one tier, which makes it very simple for consumers to choose from. Enjoy Food Network on Hulu with their live TV channel bundles.

5. Philo

For those who are veterans of streaming services, you would have noticed the Philo logo all time but faltered to click on it. The reason is simple, it looks cheap. You will be surprised at what Philo TV can offer you for such a tiny amount. The only thing it doesn’t feature is sports. Other than that at just $16 per month, you have enough entertainment including Food Network’s live stream on it. Now, we have told you what the channel has to offer. Go ahead and grab the free trial for Philo TV.

6. FuboTV

Fubo TV was initially a soccer-only channel. The skinny bundle has since been revamped and the channel was re-introduced with other apps as well while still retaining its focus on sports. The basic package is available for $39.99 per month and enjoys watching all your favorite channels including sports on Fubo TV. Get the Food Network Roku App and add it to your Roku streaming device today.

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