Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy page of provides visitors with information pertaining to the security and protection of privacy of an individual, or organization that uses our website. Information gathering is one of the most basic functions undertaken by this website with an intent to provide better services or at the least provide an answer to the query presented by the visitor. You also agree to comply with the Privacy Policy the moment you visit our website. As a company practice, we respect the privacy of every entity and do not share the information presented to us. We do collect personally identifiable sensitive information such as your address, telephone number. We also gather financial details where payment processes are involved. In either case, we understand the importance of such information choose not to reveal the information to any third party or entity. Unless otherwise required, only our employees gain access to the information that too only to provide you with a responsive service. All payment and other such important information is encrypted and securely stored on our servers. Information is not dissipated in any method unless the law enforces it.